What is a Johnson Box and how do I make one?

When I first started out creating sales pages for the web, I studied ebooks and listened to MP3 recordings. One of the things I heard copywriters talk about was this “Johnson box”.

Of course I had no idea at first but I got it after a short search….probably the same way you have found this post!

The What…

A Johnson box is a design feature to make your sales page look more interesting. It’s simply a contrasting box made from HTML code on your web page to create a table. Inside the box, you add a description or short message about a point of the product you want to emphasize .

The How…

The reason Johnson boxes are effective is because typically, the Johnson box table is going to be contrasting to the rest of the page.

A Johnson box will differ to the rest of the page in size, color and even font

The border should be a strong color. Dashed borders are common as are solid lines. Dotted borders aren’t so common.

The box’s background color should also be colored. This makes the box stand out from the rest of the page. Usually, the color inside the box will be a lighter shade that the border.

The width of the box will be narrower than the rest of the page. Again this helps to achieve variation in your page so people will stop and read.

Changing font for the text in a Johnson box will also add to the effect of getting people to stop and take notice.

Common uses for Johnson boxes are:

  • bullet points (listing features and benefits)
  • testimonials
  • order buttons
  • guarantees
  • bonus products

I never write a sales letter for the web without using Johnson boxes.

example of a johnson box
Example of Johnson boxes taken from my sales letter at www.SalesPotion.com

I don’t know where the name came from but I know that they do work, so use them!

Stuart Stirling