“How to” Write Neck-Snapping Headlines

There is always so much fuss about the headline. That’s because they are vital to your copy.

A headline that captures your readers eyes and make them go “WHAT WHAT WHAT?!!?!” pretty much decides the fate of your sales.If you can do that, you’re 95% they way to hitting home sales.

Whether you are writing a web sales letter, magazine ad, email ad, direct mail, or a book title the first words that are visible MUST be able to capture and spike their interest level.

So what do you need to write to get their attention?

I and several other copywriters like to use “How to……” in their headlines.

By using “How to” you are encouraging them to seek further.

Obviously, they want to know how to do something or they would not be looking at your sales letter. So you reveal to them “how they can do it”.

The psychology is basic. People want to know “how things are done”. It’s just human nature. You see a magic trick, you want to know “how” they did it.

It stirs the curiosity so it’s a great way to start your copy. They will read further to untill they can find out “how” they can do it. Often the answer will lie on the other side of an order button 🙂

To good copy,

Stuart Stirling

My First Post and The Best Copywriting Tip

Hi I’m Stuart Stirling. This is my first post on my new copywriting website www.BlingCopywriting.com

I’m not one to beat around the bush and make you read through all sorts of dribble on this website. I’m going to just give you solid advice and tips to help you improve your ad writing skills.

The Best Copywriting Tip

In my short experience as a copywriter, the best and biggest tip I can share for beginner copywriters and one I always follow is….

Be Honest

When you write an ad, the last thing you want to do is lie. Lying will get you nowhere in the long run. Dishonest copywriters’ ads will live a short life and a short career.

Does the truth sell?

It does if it’s an extraordinary part of the truth. And we as copywriters have to find the “unique selling point” and work around that.

Every product has something extraordinary about it. Some products will have it easy to find where others you’ll have to look deeper.

The bottom line is, never make up something false about a product in your ad or the results will be opposite to your goal in the long run. Remember, people are not stupid. Sure they can be influenced, but they are not stupid.

Thanks for reading.

Stuart Stirling