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How to structure your salesletter in a way that will make your prospects engaged to every word on your salesletter and take action
A simple way to write and structure your salesletter -- even if you have no experience with writing copy, these four factors will make it so easy for you
How to format your salesletter text -- you'll discover how bolding, highlighting, stroking, underlining and using bullets points impact your salesletter
How to write attention-getting headlines -- the exact color, using quatation marks or not, the amount of words to be used in your headline, using "specifics" in your headline and using preheadlines and subheadlines.
How to use psychological triggers ethically and morally to make your readers take action. Use these techniques carefully. They are powerful.
How to use testimonials to boost your conversion rates, give your product and yourself credibility and make it believable.
How to price your products to get the best response and give you the best profti margin possible.
How to use guarantees to increase conversions and earn loyal happy customers that will buy from you many times over.
How to use "call-to-action". Without giving your website visitors instructions on what to do, you will never secure their order. I'll show you how to get them to order right away.
How to use Post Scripts (P.S.) - The P.S. plays a crucial role in your salesletter.
How to quickly and easily build your own powerful salesletter "swipefile".
Plus much, much more to help your copy sell!

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