10 Tips For Writing Better Bullet Points

10 Tips For Writing Better Bullet Points

Bullet points. What is a piece of copywriting without them?

Bullet points are the magic little lists of lines that sit to the right of a “bullet point” that sum up the benefits and features of the offer you are presenting.

Bullets work because they….

  • get attention
  • break up the text
  • are easy to read
  • give the reader the “meat”

Bullet points are what people read who want to cut through the crap and know what they will really get when they order your product.

But some people take this liberty too far and write bullet points that are too long and boring which people skip over.

Writing effective bullet points is critical!

I’d almost say they are up there with headlines. They have to be informative yet persuasive.

Here are some tips in bullet point form on “how to write better bullet points” in your sales letters:

  1. Try a graphic image like a tick or colorful dot
  2. Don’t make them too long – maybe 2 or 3 lines at the most
  3. Make sure to list features and benefits
  4. Don’t overdo yellow highlighting
  5. Bold every second bullet point (idea??)
  6. Bold the trigger words only in each line (idea??)
  7. Leave a double space between each bullet – you don’t want a clutter of lines
  8. Don’t have pages and pages of bullets (boring…it will look like text)
  9. Have your bullets block quoted (indented from the rest of the page)
  10. Have several sections listing bullets points on the page

Remember, every piece of sales copy writing will work better with the correct use of bullet points.

Bullet points should be used in mails, blog posts, articles, banner ads, video, power point presentations (der!!), and of course email and direct mail.

Make it easy for your prospects – use bullet points!

Stuart Stirling

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