Why A Sales Letter Is Just a Piece Of The Conversions Puzzle

Why A Sales Letter Is Just a Piece Of The Conversions Puzzle

Everyone goes on about the “sales letter” as though it’s the only thing that counts in marketing….but the truth is, it’s merely a piece of the conversions puzzle.

Have you ever seen those marketers who have a JV sign up page and rave on about how they got a killer copywriter to write the copy so us JV’s can expect “out of this world conversions”?

Well, getting a good copy writer to write a sales letter is all great but aren’t they forgetting something?

Recently, I came across a brilliant copy writer and marketer by the name of John Ritskowitz and I was instantly impressed with the content he shared on his blog so I signed up for his newsletter and was even more impressed with his last email.

He talks about the “Money Zone”.

The money zone is what he calls the synergy between three important areas that make up a successful advertising campaign. It’s nothing new, it’s very fundamental, but often us little guy marketers forget about it.

The 3 things that make up the “money zone” are….

1. Your market
2. Your offer
3. Your sales copy or salesletter

Each of these 3 ingredients play an essential role and when you get them all right, you can be assured you’re hitting the bulls eye for great conversions.

If you get 2 of them right and just 1 wrong…get ready for a loud backfire!

For example, if your offer and copy is spot on, but you’re mailing to the wrong list of people, you won’t get people to see the offer.

If you get in touch with the right crowd but your offer is weak, then good copy just won’t cut it.

And if you send targeted people to a good offer but it’s not sold strong enough by the copy, you won’t convert any visitors into customers.

See how important it is to get all three right? When they are all fine tuned, you’ve got a hit that will go right to the center of the “Money Zone”.

Take the big launches you see every day for example.

Do you remember John Reese’s Traffic Secrets 2.0, Frank Kern’s Mass Control, Eben Pagan’s Altitude?

They had awesome sales letters and I’m sure they paid through the nose to get the sales letters written.

But notice that they also had the other 3 factors lined up perfectly.

A lot of people were already convinced and waiting to buy the products before they even saw the sales letter!

Of course, some people were still on the fence about buying it and that’s where a good sales letter can help close sales.

So when marketing your product, yes, you need a good sales letter, but you also need to pay special attention to hitting your market with a great offer…because that’s the way to enter the “Money Zone”!

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Stuart Stirling

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