About Stuart

About Stuart

From A Family of Entrepreneurs

My name is Stuart Stirling, (call me ‘Stu’) and this is a little story about how I started my online ventures and found my passion in writing ad copy.

I was born and raised in Queensland Australia, by my hard-working entrepreneur parents.

My father started his own Ford ‘muscle parts’ retail business from our home, selling parts that he would purchase and bring over from the USA.

My mother put on private ‘linen parties’ for small groups of women in the host’s home where she would present and sell expensive, fine linen.

My brothers got the same entrepreneurial blood from my parents, as they both followed in my father’s footsteps opening their own performance car parts businesses in Australia.

Me, well I love cars and tinker on them as a hobby, and I also love being self-employed, but I found a career based on my passion with online marketing and writing.

Creating a Life Of Freedom

In 2005, I decided to move to Japan to marry my amazing wife, whom I had met in Australia, and set up our lives here.

Australia was and is still very close to me so I wanted to be self employed and have total freedom. I wanted to be able to move and work from wherever I was in the world.

I soon found the perfect opportunity – internet marketing. One year later, in 2006, I started my first website and newsletter and by 2007, I was selling my own original ebooks.

A Natural-Born Copywriter

After writing a bunch of sales letters, emails and ads for my own online business, I felt I had a ‘knack’ for writing ads and that I actually enjoyed it! (most marketers I talk to cringe at the thought of writing sales letters)

My peers seemed to notice my talent also, and by 2008, I was writing sales letters and emails for a handful of clients. Through the years, my client base has grown slowly but steadily – primarily through direct referrals.

A Copywriter Who Delivers Results

I pride my work on two things.

The first is that my copy gets results. I’ve been around sales and marketing my whole life, and have been in the ‘trenches’ writing copy since 2006, so I know exactly how to tap into your target audience and get them taking action.

The second is that I am someone who you can rely on for quality work delivered in a timely matter. Sadly, there are a lot of ‘freelancers’ out here who are fly-by-night’ers, who all of a sudden vanish without a trace, leaving you to wonder when and if your copy will ever be done. I am not one of those people. You can rely on me to deliver on my promises.

Hire Me


If my status above says ‘available’, then you’re in luck. It means I am available for hire!

Please contact me through my contact page, send an email, or connect via skype or facebook to send me info about your project and get the ball rolling with me as your copy guy.

Stuart Stirling

Looking forward to working with you!
Stuart Stirling

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