Answer These Three Questions And You Can Sell Anything

Answer These Three Questions And You Can Sell Anything

Would you like to know the formula for selling anything?

Human nature is pretty predictable. We’re skeptical and careful creatures by nature.

Maybe we got the sense to watch “out for predators” (scammers) when we were cavemen and had to protect ourselves and family from bears, saber-tooth tigers and pterodactyl.

There are 3 big questions that go through your prospects mind when it comes to a buying decision.

If you can answer these questions, you’ve pretty much got them pulling out their credit card.

Here they are:

1. What is this? (how can it help me?)

2. Does it really work? (is this a scam?)

3. Will it work for me? (do I need this?)

Pretty simple right?

Expecting something more technical? More “secret”?

Nope, knowing how to answer these simple questions are the bare bone fundamentals of knowing how to sell.

When you’re writing a sales piece (sales letter, email, webinar.. direct mail, postcard etc) keep these in mind.

Make sure you answer these questions! If you don’t say goodbye to your conversions.


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