Can Your Customers Trust You?

Can Your Customers Trust You?

If I were a customer looking at your website, would I feel safe about handing over my money to you?

TRUST is a MAJOR issue online when it comes to Online Payments..

(and even submitting emails for that matter!)

And for good reason. Lots of credit card and identity theft goes on, among other scams..

I had to shut down a pretty big site of mine a couple of years ago because there were too many people using fake Paypal accounts to purchase.

Just a few months ago my credit card company called me up and asked me about a suspicious $800 transaction they saw. I knew nothing about it so thankfully they could charge it back.

young man holding credit card

I’m telling you this because you’ve got to take your credibility (trustability) into account when you do business online.

One big question your customer has when they arrive at your site is “can I trust this person isn’t going to steal my credit card, my identity and suck me dry?!”..

They want to have 100% assurance that they can trust this person and website before they start giving over their credit card details.

Here are things I always include on my sales websites.They want to know firstly their CC info will be safe. And in case they decide they want a refund, or if they have problems with their order or download, they want to be assured they’ll be able to contact a real person and get looked after.

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Support desk links
  • Head shot of my face and real name
  • Skype button (when I can)
  • Testimonials for product
  • Social buttons (good for blogs, not for sales letters)
  • Legal pages (disclaimer, privacy policy etc)

All these things will add to the trustability of you and your website. If you don’t have these up, get them up now!

The big one I find whenever I buy from a new website is I look for the persons name and face.

I might even google that person to learn more about them and their background. I look for social media profiles too to see if they’re legit. If I can’t find anything about that person I think twice.

If I can see he or she has been around and they’ve got a lot going, that’s a good sign.

Seriously, online marketing has become very ‘personal’ and transparent nowadays with the influx of social networking sites and google indexing everything! You need to be running a very clean ship!

You’ve got to do all you can to boost your credibility and your trust-ability if you want maximum sales.

Stuart Stirling

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