How Increase Conversions By Using Scarcity

How Increase Conversions By Using Scarcity

It’s a well known fact about human nature that we don’t want to be left out or miss out on an opportunity.

That’s where scarcity in your offer can pay off to increase sales conversions and opt-ins rates etc.

In direct marketing and copy writing, there is no more powerful way to get prospects to buy now than to use scarcity.

Of course your offer has to have the right mix of desire, value and other key factors to get sales, but putting a cap on your offer can add that extra motivation to double or even triple sales.

Some examples of ways to use scarcity in your copy to increase conversions:

  • Limited time discount offer
  • Limit on the number of sales
  • Low introductory price
  • Limited time bonuses

Perhaps we could call these scare tactics, because people are afraid to miss out! If they act now they can get a better deal than if they put it off…or miss out completely.

That’s the psychology behind it.

That is why “one time offers” work so well.

You offer a special deal/discount that you normally wouldn’t offer but the catchis that they have to get it now or miss out forever.

This rule of scarcity is very powerful.

But remember that you don’t want to lie about it. If you’re going to raise the price tomorrow, make sure you do it. If the same prospect comes back to your offer tomorrow and sees the same thing, they will know you are a sham!

Scarcity based sales are what keeps many businesses, offline and on, in business. Just look at all the limited sales supermarkets and other stores have in your local shopping center.

Use scarcity wisely in your copy and you will see great sales conversions.

Stuart Stirling

Bling Copywriter

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