How To Turn Cold Prospects Into Loyal Fans

How To Turn Cold Prospects Into Loyal Fans

Think of marketing like dating. It’s a two-way street.

You’re the go-getter marketer, asking for the date (sale). If you don’t want to get slapped in the face with rejection over and over, you need to go at it with a bit of strategy.

Man I wish I knew about strategy when I was 18!

The thing you’ve got to know is that it takes time and some strategic steps to warm up your prospect.
The steps are basically:

1) Making a good impression

2) Show them you’re interested in them (show you care).

3) Get them to make a micro-commitment

4) Ask for the sale

5) Follow up if you ever want to see their face (and their credit card again)

In other words, take it step by step, help others first and ask for a sale later.

The mistake I see too many new comers to internet marketing is they go into robot sales pitch mode and just try to sell, sell, sell (or take, take, take) without warming up their prospect enough first.

Think about this…

How much easier would it be to get someone to  say ‘yes’ to a date (or to purchase your product) if you’ve gotten to know them a little first, asked them about them instead of talking only about you and your wonderful product?

In the dating scene, you would send them a letter or a small gift or talk with them on the phone.

With marketing and selling,  give your prospects something that helps them, makes them smile, gets closer to reaching their goals… (whether it’s to lose weight or make money or learn how to speak Japanese – Hai!)

This is the real magic of converting someone into a loyal customer.

Why does it work so well?

They’re going to remember you and your little courtesy, and when you ask for something down the road later, like a purchase, they’re going to feel somewhat inclined to give back.

I don’t know why or how this works.. it’s just the universal law of “reciprocation”.. but it just does.

Try it out. Add some value to your marketplace – publish a free tutorial, article or give away a free ebook download.. without even asking for a thing in return.

Then share it with as many people in your niche you know… in FB groups, forums, bloggers, list owners, site owners..

Then wait and see how much comes back to you.

The more you give, the more you receive, and often you get less than you give so you have to give big!

Stuart Stirling

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