How To Write A Sales Letter In 30 Minutes

How To Write A Sales Letter In 30 Minutes

Writing a sales letter for your product or service ‘can’ be a nightmare…

If you’re scared of writing or cringe at the thought of writing sales letter, this blog post is for you.

It’s not really though if you’ve got a simple system to follow.

But, writing copy is one of those things we all have to do…. (unless you pay a copywriter a hefty amount to write one for you 😉

If you can write copy yourself, then you can save a few bucks.. and really, once you finally get your butt in the seat and start writing, it doesn’t seem so bad after all.

Here is a simple formula for writing a sales letter in as little as 30 minutes..

1. Know the basic structure of a sales letter..

This is a basic structure I use to write sales letters (and emails too)

Up the top goes a headline,

Then you’ve got the lead-in (write about a problem or opportunity)

Then introduce the solution (your product)

Finally, tell them how they can get it!

Knowing the structure of a sales letter will let you think out your sales letter before you write it.

2. Know your target market intimately

You’ve got to speak to your target audience as though you are their best friend recommending this product or solution.

You’ve got to know their problems and the feelings these problems are causing them.

This is so you can push those hot emotional buttons and make them feel and say to themselves, ‘this is exactly what I need’.

3. Know your product inside out

When you know what your product does and how it is going to make your customers lives easier/better/pain-free, it’s so easy to write the copy.

And speaking of products, you have to have full confidence that it really is going to help your customer.

Otherwise, if you have doubt in the product, your writing simply won’t give the message of ‘this is the best solution for me’ to your customer..which is super important.

4. Set Yourself a Block Of Time

You’ll be amazed at how much you can actually get down in 30 minutes. If you allot a block of 30 minutes to just write. (this post took me about 15 minutes to whip up)

It doesn’t need to be perfect… or long!

Some of the best copy I’ve written was done in an afternoon!

The key was that I followed this simple formula.

It might take you longer than 30 minutes to write a sales letter.. but hey, if it takes you 3 hours, that’s 3 hours well spent.

That’s a better use of your time than watching vids on Youtube or Facebook, wouldn’t you say?

To your copy writing success,

Stuart Stirling

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