Qualify Your Prospects And Win More Sales

Qualify Your Prospects And Win More Sales

You might think it’s marketing suicide to tell your prospect that “this product might not be for you”.

But more often than not, this little trick can increase response dramatically!

Have you ever seen on a sales letter phrases that go “for serious marketers only” or “don’t buy this product if…”?

This is what copywriters call “qualifying your prospect”

And it works because it’s a type of reverse psychology. It throws the reader off…it makes them think “huh? now I’m not allowed to get this? oh yes I am!” and it ups their urge to want the product that much more.

On the other hand, this idea is also related to the 80-20 rule.

The 80-20 rule is a universal rule…it can be related to anything in life, time management, and business.

For this example, we’ll say that 80% of our sales will come from only 20% of those targeted to our offer. The remaining 20% of our sales will come from the remaining and bigger 80% of our audience.

We know that a 100% conversion rate is not going to happen..ever. Not everyone that sees your sales letter will buy. So what’s the point of trying to target everyone? You only really want the 20% who are suitable for your offer.

Narrowing down your suitable customers and talking to that 20% qualifies them. Stating that this product may not be for everyone qualifies them.

For example….

“this product is not for lazy people…it takes some work to get the results”…

“this product is not you you if you’re looking for a quick fix… you must understand that it takes time to see the results, but the results are well worth the wait…blah blah..”

This is the way to really pin point your prospects situation and talk to them directly. It quickly gets rid of the chaff..which doesn’t matter because the other 80% isn’t as significant.

You’ll get much better response from the 20% if you can get into them and target them with accuracy. And you can do that by qualifying them.

Stuart Stirling

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