Sales Letter Design Tips – Text, Colors, White Space?

Sales Letter Design Tips – Text, Colors, White Space?

An effective sales letter design is not just about the words you use, but the complete well crafted picture that entertains your reader.

Common Website Design Mistake…

Have you ever seen a sales letter or visited a website that had so much jammed into it that you couldn’t see what the heck any of it’s about?

Some people think the more they can cram onto their website, the more effective it will be.

But in fact, bunching up all your text, links and ads in the one space has the opposite effect.

Remember, “the confused mind always says no”.

If you want your visitors to stay on your website, you need to think about the layout and design.

Copywriters are Artists

You might think copywriting is just about the words we use.

Words are very important to communicate the meaning but designing the words in such a way that is creates an attractive overall picture is key to getting readers’ attention and keeping it!

Tips On Text, Color, White Space Etc.


First, let’s talk about text formatting and design.

There are a few text design elements worth considering.

  • Font
    – choose an easy to read font (particularly for headlines – Tahoma, Arial, Georgia)
    – be consistent! use same font for paragraphs and same for headlines.
  • Sentence length
    – not too long – keep sentences short and simple
  • Paragraph length
    – never go over three lines
  • Bolding, emphasis, highlighting
    – use sparingly


A word on color

  • Black text on white background
    – never type white on black
  • Headlines in Red/Blue
    – or another contrasting color that matches the website theme
  • Yellow highlighting
    – super effective when used sparingly
  • Website background color
    – choose a color that’s easy on the eye. Eg. light grey, light blue, white or black
  • Avoid bright fluorescent colors
    – eg. pink, orange, yellow, green…anything that will burn your reader’s retinas.


White Space is what we call the space on your website or sales letter that is just bare space….just blank white space.

At first, you might think that having white space on your page is a waste of space….but white space is not a waste of space at all.

It’s very, very important if you want your readers to stay on your page.

Like I mentioned at the start of this post, a cluttered website (no white space) is going to confuse your visitor.

Visitors will leave before they read even one line and this is because they won’t know which line to read first.

Cluttered websites are ineffective. Use white space to make your website easy to read and understand.

Places to look out for white space include…

  • Line spaces
  • Paragraph spaces
  • Margins
  • Between images and text (more about images below)
  • Padding in cells and tables


A few other design tips to stop your reader from skimming and offer a little entertainment value your reader include video, images, johnson boxes, bullets, etc.

Basically, the purpose of these are to give your page some contrast. A page that looks the same from top to bottom won’t intrigue the reader much.

Images and johnson boxes will break up the monotony and stop the reader from skimming.

Images can really enhance the experience for your visitor but using too many or distracting images will take away from the effectiveness.

Images are great, but they are not everything.

You can take away the images and your words can still do a good job selling. But take away the words and only leave your images…how well do you think your images can sell?

Thanks for reading!

Stuart Stirling

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