What I Offer

What I Offer

Here’s a list (but not limited to) of copywriting services I can provide.

  • Sales Letters (rewrites & from scratch)
  • Video Sales Letters (VSL) scripts (rewrites & from scratch)
  • Landing Pages/Squeeze Pages
  • Thank you pages
  • SEO article descriptions
  • SEO article headlines
  • Follow-Up Sequence Emails
  • Rapport building emails
  • Promotional email campaigns
  • Engagement boosting email campaigns
  • Direct response snail mail letters/postcards
  • Facebook ads
  • PPC ads
  • Shopify product descriptions
  • Amazon product descriptions
  • “About me” pages
  • Order page/checkout copy
  • Webinar hooks, pitches and closes
  • Social media engagement posts
  • Viral ebooks
  • etc.

See anything you need? Need something else not mentioned here?

Let me write copy that excites your audience and compels them to click, whip out their credit card and happily buy from you!

If it’s maximum response you want, that’s what you’ll get. My work is not done until you’re 100% satisfied with it’s performance.

Contact me here now to get a free quote and start working together on your project!

Stuart Stirling