Words That Trigger

Words That Trigger

Some words have more influence on a prospect than others.

These are “trigger words” that work on the readers subconcious as he/she reads.

If you can tap into your prospects mind and press their hot buttons using trigger words, then you can expect response to go up.

It is considered an art – as is copywriting in general but when done right, is one element of copywriting that results levers on.

A Short List Of Trigger Words

There are over 200 words and phrases considered to be powerful trigger words, but here is a short list of a dozen or so you can add to your copy writing dictionary right away.

You – People like nothing better than to think of themselves. Using you outs your reader in the limelight.

Free – Let’s face it, everyone wants something free whenever possible. Not many people pass up on a freebie and if they do it will be after they at least have a look.

Save/Discount – We are obsessed with saving money. And we don’t want to miss a bargain.

Safety/Secure/Risk Free – The internet is a dangerous place full of scammers! Sooth your prospects fears by using these, especially where money is concerned.

Proven – This adds to the above safety factor. If people can see it has worked for others, they will believe it will work for them.

Discovery – When you use “Discover” people will automatically be curious. They will think “Wow, there is something I don’t know” and want to read to try to work it out.

Guarantee – Again, take away the risk. Great doubt crushing power in this word.

New – “Ohh Ohh! It’s new! it must be good!” We want to be popular and we trust the media.

Easy/Simple/Fast – We are creatures of luxury. If something can be done any faster or easier to solve our problems, we will do it that way.

Can you see how these words can provoke feelings and emotions, urging potential buyers to hand over their money to you?

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Stuart Stirling

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